Multi Metal G. Boutin inc is a company that specializes in the manufacturing of custom metal assemblies for numerous construction industries.
    We manufacture diverse configurations of staircases and railings ranging from the simple to the most complex in diverse materials and finishes.

    We also manufacture customized steel structures and assemblies such as canopies, catwalks, trusses, dunnages and more.

    We offer additionnal production capacity to the structural or misc steel industry. This permits them to handle an unexpected work surplus, accelerate delivery schedule or produce requirements that differ from their current standards.

    Our new facility was inaugurated in 2010. It covers 22.000 sq ft and includes more than 20 assembly tables. We operate 3 independent bays each having a 2.5 tons overhead crane. One of these bays is dedicated to the construction of full scale or larger projects. This lay-out minimizes logistical interference and enables us to pursue rapid productivity for very different types of projects.

    Since 1991, we have developed a young, dynamic and dedicated team of professionals which operates for over 1400 hours per week. We are both mindful of our limits as well as eager for new challenges. Our approach to issues quickly identifies appropriate solutions.

    Stainless steel items are manufactured in an enclosed and separated 2500 square foot workspace that is completely safe from any contamination.

    We have Division 2 Certification by the Canadian Welding Bureau.

    We regularly ship to the Northeast of the United States as well as to Quebec, Ontario, and Western Canada using standard flat-bed or over-size trailers.

    Our business volume has encouraged the development of long term business relationships with the most able and dependable suppliers in the following expertise areas:

    • Shear and brake
    • Plasma and laser cutting
    • Rolling and forming
    • Blasting and painting
    • Galvanizing