Celebrating 20 years of service: Three outstanding employees honoured

At Multi Métal G. Boutin inc. we’re excited to celebrate a very special milestone this year. Three of our outstanding employees, Pierre-Luc Valin, Sébastien Ginestet, and Mario Lépine, are marking their 20th anniversaries with our company.

Over the past two decades, Pierre-Luc, Sébastien and Mario have contributed significantly to our success and growth. Their dedication, expertise and team spirit are an inspiration to us all. Their unwavering commitment and hard work have made Multi Métal G. Boutin inc. a successful and respected company.

We would like to express our most sincere congratulations and deep gratitude to Pierre-Luc, Sébastien and Mario for their twenty years of loyal service. Their career with our company is a remarkable example of loyalty and professionalism.

We look forward to continuing this adventure alongside them, and to achieving new successes together. Thank you, Pierre-Luc, Sébastien, and Mario, for your invaluable contribution to our professional family.

With all our gratitude,

Multi Métal G. Boutin inc. team.